About Us
Leading Power Solution is a privately owned company, which is now 7 years young and rapidly growing. Our Rental Fleet is the youngest in the industry providing the best and most advanced Loadbanks in the marketplace. As a specialised Loadbank provider, we focus on the Loadbank needs of the customer.

We provide Loadbank and necessary ancillary equipment such as cables, cable joiners and associated items for Load test projects.

Our aim is to be a highly professional and customer oriented supplier with an advance suite of products and services to suit. We are highly responsive to customer needs and have the flexibility that only a specialised company can provide.

Our equipment and associated service have been utilised to test mission critical facilities including the nation’s leading Data Centres. I list can be provided on request.

Our Advantage :

  • Our Loadbanks are prioritised for Rental to the marketplace.
  • All Loadbanks are built for rental purposes with crane lift points and forklift pockets at all sides.
  • Small Loadbanks are fitted on trailer for easy mobility.
  • Loadbanks are fitted with crash frames to protect from accidents.
  • We only use specialist delivery companies to deliver our equipment and on time.
  • Our Loadbanks are built to specification suiting Australian conditions including operation at up to 50 degrees celcius.
  • Loadbanks are rated for IP54, can be placed outside in weather and operated in all weather.
  • We provide 24/7 support to customers on our Loadbanks.
Mobile Loadbank
Easy setup and testing

Our loadbank are easy to setup and test with. We provide a one-page quick start guide and an Intelligent Handheld Terminal (IHT) which does not require a Loadbank specialist to set up. At Leading Power Solutions your convenience and ease of use is our priority.

We have an option of Laptop with PC based software if customer chooses to look at detailed reports for their load test.