Curb power outages with Load bank

A load bank is a device that develops an electric load, which is applied to electric power source so as to test the power source. This device is widely used in industries for testing turbines and generators as this testing ensures that power sources are working properly or are in a good condition. In addition, it is also used to test other back up power supplies such as uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or batteries etc. when it comes to testing batteries; it helps to ascertain how much life in each cell has left. Thus, it can be said that it is the most useful tool for generating electricity.

Load bank testing is very important in order to ensure that power back up supplies can meet the requirements of the equipment’s intended function. Load bank testing is a way of confirming the operational performance and battery autonomy of the UPS and other sources under load conditions. The testing is often conducted during preventive maintenance. The major goal of testing is to find out the problems in a controlled situation instead of a situation when there is a power failure. Mentioned below are some tips that should be considered while testing:

  • At the time of performing load bank test, you need to be prepared for system failure or for the worst case scenario
  • For facilities that are not mission critical, testing should be done at hours that can manage a power failure
  • While testing, carefully look for loose connections or for any kind of abnormal performance
  • Ensure that the power back up supplies are disconnected from the facility in order to prevent overloading
  • It should be incorporated into a regular generator maintenance schedule so as to ensure peak performance and high degree of reliability

Importance of load bank

The importance of such equipment cannot be overlooked, especially with regard to sudden power outages that occur in businesses and in several industries amounting to heavy losses. Constant supply of power is a very essential part of the smooth running of businesses without which operations would be grounded. Load bank is that beneficial innovation that is used at homes, organizations and also in industries to guard against losses that can occur due to unexpected power failure. Installed load banks at industries or at other places prolongs the lifetime of the power sources. Last but not the least; it could be great equipment that can be used to test emergency power system.

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