We provide Loadbanks to test resistive and Reactive Load
Leading Power Solutions can provide Loadbanks to test up to 10000kw (10MW) resistive load and 9000 KVA Reactive Load @ 415 volts. We can test power equipment and subject it to specific and accurate load test. Temporary cabling can also be provided to suit.

Our Loadbanks are the most sophisticated in the market and have Load Step resolutions down to 1kw or KVAr are possible with fully adjustable Power Factor. Multiple loadbanks can be paralleled and controlled from single Intelligent Handheld Terminal (IHT) or PC. This makes testing not only easy to undertake but is also extremely accurate.

By using the supply-on-test capacity the load control protects the supply from accidental overloading. In addition, this gives the operator the choice of applying load either in Percentage Load, KW or KVA and Power Factor.

The Accurate load Control feature, which compensates for the Supply voltage, as well as three phase instrumentation, allows for fast accurate testing with maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Easy setup and testing
Our loadbank are easy to setup and test with. We provide a one page quickstart guide and an Intelligent Handheld Terminal (IHT) which does not require a Loadbank specialist to set up. Your convenience and ease of use is a priority for Leading Power Solutions.

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